To reach a greater number of people and better health care

To ensure preventive measures in their daily life and to promote the use of computers and information technology in teaching, learning, research, and delivery of care in the field of health.

To improve computer and information technology literacy of health care professionals and improve the access by health care professionals to computer hardware, software, and information technology services.

To build a tobacco-free nation

To establish IT-based health care that would be cost-effective

To ensure basic quality education for children in poor communities and functional literacy for adults.

To help disadvantaged children to develop, through education, training, and guidance in life skills, so that they become part of skilled workforce and responsible members of society.

To develop the technical capacity of community people to improve their livelihood.

To develop a system for generating and mobilizing local resources to raise the income of the poor.

To facilitate a way for people and their institutions to take responsibility for community health and ensure access to existing public health services.

To develop the capacity to respond to the community people during any natural disaster.

To reduce discrimination by influencing the formulation and implementation of legal producers.

To work jointly with people’s institutions and disadvantaged people to advocate human rights and issues of local concerns.

To establish or support training centers or conduct and arrange training programs, grant stipends, scholarships, fellowships, sponsor or organize seminars, workshops, lectures and set up study groups, conferences and publish reports and periodicals.

To help poor people by improving access to resources and providing institutional and other facilities to the physically vulnerable and distressed people.

To undertake socio-economic activities for the reduction of poverty and employment creation.

To establish and maintain libraries and information services to facilitate further and publicize the objectives of the Society.

To accept donations, gifts, contributions, or lawful subscriptions towards promoting and maintaining the objectives of the Society and invest and apply the same when the Society may need for carrying in objectives.

To work in close cooperation or jointly with similar or foundations whether government, non-government, private, national, or international that are pursuing similar objectives.

To conduct self-training, trade & handicraft course training, health training, Para-medical training, computer training, vocational training, primary health care training, sales girls training, Human Resource Development training, Youth Development training, gender & development training, AIDS peer Educator-Counselor-lab technician training and other health care & health-related training.

To collect and compile a set of data for research activities and disseminate important information through appropriate publications (booklets, leaflets, journals, articles, bulletin) among the target audience.


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